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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Test yourself against the club's finest - Cancelled

Due to lack of interest the event below has been cancelled. Instead we will run a 5-round, 15-minute tournament. Just the usual £1 in the pot.

To mix things up a little and also to raise some funds for the club, our next event at chess club will be a Simultaneous exhibition. To help with planning, it would be great if you could let me know whether you’ll be joining us. Just drop an email to Steve Lovell. For details on the event, read on.


Thursday 30 August, 7:15pm at Moreton Hall Community Centre. 7:30pm start, or as close to that as we can manage.


Clock simul using the Bury League timing of 70 mins + 15 sec/move. If the games are over with time to spare, we may be treated to some coaching afterwards.

Your Opposition

Adults should expect to play Mike Harris and juniors should expect to play Jaden Jermy. Depending on numbers in each category, strong juniors may be asked to play Mike or weaker adults to play Jaden. Read on for a little info on both possible opponents.
Mike Harris has an ECF Grade of 220, putting him at 73rd in the list of England’s top players. The grade is comfortably enough to earn the title of National Master. Using the standard formula that grade would convert to a FIDE rating of 2350, which would be enough to earn Mike the title of FM (FIDE Master).
Jaden Jermy has an ECF Grade of 164, putting him 12th in the list of England’s top u14 players and joint 100th in the list of u18s. Jaden won the Bury St Edmunds Club Championship in both 2017 and 2018 (confirmed just last week). Details of both events can be found on the club website. There have been some great articles on Jaden in the local press, for example here.

Entry Fees

£ 5 (£ 10)
£ 5
£ 5
£ 5
£ 1
£ 1

* Not a member last season, and not a member of another chess club.

If you win

Your entry fee will be returned.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Jaden Jermy retains club championship title

The club championship was held over the summer weeks again this year, and saw thirteen of our members compete in the five-round event. Jaden scored a full five-out-of-five, winning the event by one-and-a-half points.

The full cross-table of results is available here.

With Jaden having won the 2017 event, there was no danger of his opponents underestimating him this time around. I faced his favourite London system in the second round. My forces swiftly found themselves in an uncomfortable bind as Jaden's kingside pawns marched forward to open up my king, which succumed to a mating attack after a mere 23 moves. His other opponents held out rather longer, but all ultimately met the same fate. Until we reached the final round I didn't see much of Jaden's other games, but the results speak for themselves.

Jaden would face Bob Jones in the final round and a draw would be enough to retain the title. Needing to win, Bob used the white pieces to create complications from the outset, and generated a vicious attack using the Morra Gambit. So menacing was the attack that, at least to my eyes, it continued to look dangerous even after Bob lost a bishop by inadvertently releasing it on the wrong square. Jaden navigated his way through the complications, calmly collecting and retaining the extra material, and going on to win.

Congratulations Jaden on another very well played event!