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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Club Championship Results

In a change from recent years, we ran our Club Championship over the summer break rather than our usual programme of events. The only unbeaten player over the five round event was up-and-coming junior Jaden Jermy, who finished a full point clear of his nearest challenger.

The full cross-table of results is available here.

Over the coming weeks I hope to add some of the games to the club website here.

The tournament began before the summer grades were published, so seeding was based on older grades from January 2017. As a result, Jaden was paired against top seed Steve Ruthen in the first round. Jaden surprised Steve with the quality of his play, and after winning a piece in a complex middle-game, quickly went on to win with some very elegant moves.

In the second round, he comfortably beat yours truly (Steve Lovell), and then in the third he took down Bob Jones. These games contained few fireworks. Jaden played calmly, reaching materially equal endgames ... but he judged the transition into those endgames better than his opponents and with this king and pawns better placed went on to win each with relative ease. I was impressed by Jaden's calm and mature approach and his ability to determine which exchanges would work in his favour.

After a taking a bye in round four, Jaden was paired against Jon Collins in the fifth and final round. On paper it was still possible for any of four players to win the event, and I'd had to devise a system of tie-breaks to cater for the possibility of a three-way tie. But Jaden made all of that unnecessary, extracting himself like a magician from the opening difficulties which Jon appeared to have created for him and then going on to win.

A close look at the cross-table shows that Jaden had comfortably the most difficult draw of anyone in the event. He played and beat the top four seeds, all graded over 140 ECF.

Many congratulations Jaden. It was a thoroughly deserved result. 

Saturday, 29 July 2017

ECF Summer Grades are Out

The British Chess Championship are underway, which is the customary time for the ECF to publish the summer grades. You can find them on the ECF Grading Website. I've added those to our membership page too. If I've missed you, please let me know (either by email or comments here).

In case you didn't know, you can follow the top boards of the British Chess Championships live online (often with commentary).

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Summer Programme 2017

Due to a colossal admin error on my part, I've had to make some amendments to the dates for the Summer Programme. You can see the latest version of the programme here.

While the events may be subject to change, the dates we're together are fixed. This time they really are fixed! Sorry if this means crossing thngs out on an otherwise very tidy calendar.

Club Championship 2017

The club championship took place as part of the Summer Programme. Standings, Pairings and Results can be found here.

It will be organised as a 5-round Swiss event, using Fischer Timing (70 mins + 15 sec / move). The event will run in one or two grading sections depending on entries.

We have set aside the following club nights for the five rounds:
Round 1:   6th July
Round 2:   20th July
Round 3:   3rd August
Round 4:   17th August
Round 5:   31st August
The event is open to all club members holding ECF membership. Pairings for round 1 will be finalised "on the day" allowing you to simply turn up to enter. If you want to enter but would like to take a bye in the first round, please notify the organiser, Steve Lovell.

Entrants may nominate one round as a half-point-bye, but must do so before the completion of previous rounds. A second bye will be permitted, but this will be a zero-point bye. Failure to play in three rounds will result in automatic withdrawal from the competition.

Pairings and Flexible Dates of Play
Pairings for rounds 2 to 5 will be made available in advance as soon as the organiser can manage. Games may be played either at the club on the nominated date in the schedule or ahead of that date at the players' own convenience.

Notification of Results
Both players in any game must notify the result to the organiser, Steve Lovell.

(1) Direct encounter
(2) Rapid or Blitz Playoff, playing once with each colour
(3) Step (2) will be repeated until a winner is determined

The first tie break is the result between the players involved in the tie. If this is not decisive or not all the players involved in the tie have played each other, then those involved will play an all-play-all mini-tournament to decide the winner, with each pairing occurring twice to ensure a fair colour distribution. Those involved in the tie-break will decide between time controls of 25m+10s or 3m+2s (because these are easily set on a DGT 2010). If agreement cannot be reached, the time control will be decided by the toss of a coin. These games will take place at the earliest opportunity which is convenient for the players (and not necessarily all in one evening).

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Jaden selected to play for England

From Bob's Email to Club Members:

I guess most of you will know Jaden Jermy. He’s one of our most promising youngsters and has a new ECF grade of 123.  He attends the Bury Knights Junior Club, as well as being a full and active member of the adult Bury St Edmunds club.

Jaden “lives and breathes chess” and has ambitions to have a career as a top GM. His progress in recent months has been remarkable; he is unbeaten in the leagues since early November.

As you may have read or seen elsewhere (local papers/TV) he was invited last weekend to the English Closed Championships, which is effectively a selection process for the England Squad. Seeded 13 out of 16 competitors, he finished unbeaten in 4th place. He has now been selected to play for England!

Jaden lives in Thetford with his single Mum Michelle, who realises that the costs involved with travel, accommodation, etc will be prohibitive. She has set up a crowdfunding page for Jaden.  The aim is to secure £5,000 of sponsorship to enable Jaden to obtain high-level coaching (probably with Mike Harris) and to cover their travel costs.

If you feel able to support Jaden, please go to his sponsorship page.  Every small amount donated will help him achieve his goal.

Mid-Season Grades are Out

I've been a little tardy announcing this, so you're likely to already be aware, but the Mid-Season ECF grades were published on 30th January.

You can find them on the ECF grading site: or indeed on the Suffolk grading website: