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Friday, 29 May 2015

Summer News

There are a few updates to the Summer Programme, including confirmation of dates and venues for the league AGMs, and the addition of an extra week to our calendar of events.

The extra week is next week, Thursday 4th June, and accommodates the final of the Norfolk and Suffolk Cup, where we once again take on the best of Norfolk: the Broadland club. Why not come along to watch and (quietly) encourage our club's strongest players? There'll also be casual chess available so you can dip in and out of the main event.

Recent events saw Zac Vane pick up the grading prize in the BACL Rapidplay event, scoring four wins from the six rounds. Well done Zac!

Unfortunately the event has not been well supported in the last few years and it's future will be reviewed at the upcoming BACL AGM. If you have any suggestions please bring them to our own AGM on 11 June. Indeed, if you have any thoughts about the running of our club or of either of the chess leagues please come to the club AGM ready to share them.

Last night we played our Chess960 (Fischer Random) event. An enjoyable evening completely free of standard chess opening theory! After the completion of the available four rounds Bob Jones, Zac Vane and Steve Lovell were all tied on three points. Bob was declared the winner on tie-break.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Confirmed: Masterclass with IM Lorin D'Costa

Update: Enough people have now confirmed their attendance. The event will go ahead as planned. If you haven't told me you're coming, I'd still like to know. That will help us know how many chairs and tables we'll need and assist Lorin's planning.

As part of our Summer Programme we're planning to host an evening with IM Lorin D'Costa on Thursday 20th August 2015.

The idea is that we'll have around an hour of coaching, followed by a simul, with a book prize for the best simul.

Lorin D’Costa is an International Chess Master and a full time chess teacher in London. He is an ECF accredited coach, teaching individuals (many of whom have gone on to win national titles and represent England) as well as at the world and European youth championships with the best young English chess talent. Lorin is currently FIDE rated 2430 (and ECF graded 228), putting him comfortably in the top 50 amongst English players. He is currently coaching at a number of London schools, and is the author of two chess books and numerous instructional videos.

Since we need to cover Lorin's costs, this event can only go ahead if we have sufficient numbers attending. There will be a minimum fee of £5 per head.

If you would definitely attend, please leave your name in the comments box below. If you'd be willing to pay a little extra to ensure this event goes ahead, please say that too!