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Sunday, 8 February 2015

2014-15 Club Championship

Update: this event has now closed. The winner in the Open section was John Feavyour. In the Minor section, too few games were played so we weren't able to declare a winner.
We kicked off this event over the summer, but only a handful of games have been played so far. The event is split into an Open and a Minor section. All games should be played using Fischer timing as follows: 70 minutes each on the clock, with an additional 15 seconds added after each move.

Results should be emailed to the event organiser Colin Roberts (his email address is on the contact page), but please also include them as a comment below.

It is the players' responsibility to organise games. If you're available but not playing in a team fixture, why not see if any of the other competitors is in the same situation.

Fixtures for the Open Section

John FeavyourSteve Ruthen
Steve RuthenJon Collins
Jon Collins½-½John Feavyour
Bob Jones½-½Steve Ruthen
John Feavyour1-0Bob Jones
Steve RuthenSteve Lovell
Bob JonesJon Collins
Steve Lovell0-1John Feavyour
Colin RobertsSteve Ruthen
Jon Collins½-½Steve Lovell
John FeavyourColin Roberts
Steve RuthenScott Taylor
Steve Lovell1-0Bob Jones
Colin RobertsJon Collins
Scott Taylor(default) 0-1John Feavyour
Bob Jones1-0 Colin Roberts
Jon Collins1-0Scott Taylor
Colin RobertsSteve Lovell
Scott TaylorBob Jones
Steve Lovell1-0Scott Taylor
Scott TaylorColin Roberts

Fixtures for the Minor Section

Hugo Smith0-1Peter Massey
Peter MasseyDave Clark
Dave ClarkHugo Smith
Patrick GembisPeter Massey
Hugo SmithPatrick Gembis
Peter MasseyFraser Fallows
Patrick GembisDave Clark
Fraser Fallows0-1Hugo Smith
David WoodPeter Massey
Dave ClarkFraser Fallows
Hugo SmithDavid Wood
Fraser FallowsPatrick Gembis
David Wood0-1Dave Clark
Patrick Gembis1-0David Wood
David WoodFraser Fallows

Good luck everyone!

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