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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Summer Gambits

In case you'd like to do some preparation, I've now published the four gambits we'll be playing on 22 August. Here's a direct link, but you can also get to them from the Summer Programme.

This Thursday (8 August) is a 15-minute x 5 round tournament, but members are welcome to play one of their Club Championship matches instead if they so desire.

ECF Summer Grades

The new grades are out now. It looks like the usual mixed set of results with some of us fairing well and others not so well (I'm in the second category). See how you did at the ECF Grading Database.

It's worth checking the games list for your record in case any games are missing or something has been assigned to you that shouldn't have been. Contact the ECF if you notice any irregularities (there's a contact link on the grading site). I had a few games of another chess player by the same name attributed to me a few seasons back ... 

The new grades will also appear on our Membership pages soon.