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Friday, 30 March 2018

Match vs Hammersmith Chess Club - 7th April (at our venue)

Hammersmith will be bringing 12 players, with a wide range of grades. In addition to meeting us over the chess board, they are keen to meet us off the board, and plan to visit the Old Cannon Brewery when we're finished.

As Hammersmith are paying their travel fees and for accommodation, we'll be paying the venue hire. We may be able to get this reduced, but it looks like it'll work out at £7 per player (but you'll get free tea and coffee).


10:30 am: Arrival and Welcome

11:00 am: Standard play match (graded)
  • Time control: 36 moves in 80 minutes, plus 15 mins + 15 sec / move (from move 1).

3:30 pm: Optional Blitz (not graded, as ECF only grade Rapidplay)
  • Those not interested in Blitz may want to go home / to the pub at this stage.
  • 5 round Swiss-ish. Paired BSE vs Hammers as far as possible.
  • 5 min + 2 sec

5:00 pm: Tidy

5:30 pm: Close / Pub / Home

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

January Grades are Out

As you may have seen elsewhere, the mid-season grades were published yesterday. You can find them via the ECF Grading Database at, I hope you're pleased with what you find there!

I'd normally also have them listed on our membership page, but the lower half of that is currently broken. I hope to fix it soon!