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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Club Championship 2017

The club championship with this year take place as part of the Summer Programme. Standings, Pairings and Results can be found here.

It will be organised as a 5-round Swiss event, using Fischer Timing (70 mins + 15 sec / move). The event will run in one or two grading sections depending on entries.

We have set aside the following club nights for the five rounds:
Round 1:   6th July
Round 2:   20th July
Round 3:   3rd August
Round 4:   17th August
Round 5:   31st August
The event is open to all club members holding ECF membership. Pairings for round 1 will be finalised "on the day" allowing you to simply turn up to enter. If you want to enter but would like to take a bye in the first round, please notify the organiser, Steve Lovell.

Entrants may nominate one round as a half-point-bye, but must do so before the completion of previous rounds. A second bye will be permitted, but this will be a zero-point bye. Failure to play in three rounds will result in automatic withdrawal from the competition.

Pairings and Flexible Dates of Play
Pairings for rounds 2 to 5 will be made available in advance as soon as the organiser can manage. Games may be played either at the club on the nominated date in the schedule or ahead of that date at the players' own convenience.

Notification of Results
Both players in any game must notify the result to the organiser, Steve Lovell.

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